Learning Center - Python 2.x Course

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Module 2 Setting Up Python and Wing IDE
Unit 1 Setting Up on Windows
Unit 2 Setting Up on Linux
Unit 3 Setting Up on Mac OSX
Unit 4 Wing IDE Introduction
Unit 5 Setup Quiz
Module 3 Learning Python for OSINT
Unit 1 Variables and Common Data Types
Unit 2 Lists and Loops
Unit 3 Dictionaries
Unit 4 JSON
Unit 5 Functions and Indentation
Unit 6 Tracebacks and Error Handling
Unit 7 Talking to the Web
Unit 8 Final Challenge: The Daybreak Serial Killer
Module 4 Bonus Modules
Unit 1 Working with Files and Spreadsheets
Module 5 Free Units from the Master Course
Unit 1 Twitter: API Key Setup
Unit 2 Twitter: Making Your First Call
Unit 3 Master Course Upgrade