Learning Center - Recorded Student Sessions

Here are some recorded student sessions that you can review at your leisure.

January 14, 2016

Topics covered:

  • Brief introduction on tackling the Pastebin quiz.
  • How to write Maltego transforms.
  • How to adapt your existing scripts to run as Maltego transforms.
  • The zip file that has the code you need is here.


December 18, 2015 – Note there were video issues the first 6 minutes or so. Sorry about that!

Topics covered:

  • Instagram’s authentication changes.
  • New course site design.
  • Tackling the first Skill Tester.


October 6, 2015

Topics covered:

  • Showing the student help section of the site.
  • Showing the Kibana dashboard module.
  • Connecting Python to the TOR network. (Polipo configĀ here).


August 19, 2015

Topics Covered:

  • Instagram results not matching what they report (comments and like numbers are bigger than what we retrieve).
  • Twitter debugging: figuring out when you mistyped a URL or your credentials.
  • CSV writing, the new and awesome way (from the YouTube module).
  • Better visualizations from Fusion Tables (this is a trick that might turn into a blog post but is not part of the course)
  • I show off my Twitter keys 10 seconds after I say I wouldn’t. Fail.


July 31, 2015

Topics Covered:

  • String substitutions in Python.
  • Handling special language output (i.e. Hebrew, Arabic).
  • General debugging tips in Wing.
  • How to tackle the first Twitter Challenge converting usernames and user ID’s.